Startups Overview

Etablished Startups
raised more than $1m
raised more than $1m
Founded in 2015
Serie A ($4 million + $9M debt)
Mobility. Assembles and finances electric motorcycle. Developed a network of battery swap stations allowing drivers to swap batteries faster than refilling a tank with petrol and shields vehicle buyers from the high upfront cost of a lithium battery pack.
DFCTotalEnergies VenturesEcosystem Integrity Fund
Founded in 2017
Digitize and maintain public services.
Rwandan Gov
Founded in 2018
Healthcare. High-quality medical supplies and equipment throughout Central and East Africa through an innovative data-driven procurement platform
Beyond Capital Ventures
Hence Technologies
Founded in 2020
Seed ($2.6 million)
LegalTech. We help companies establish efficient legal processes that support collaboration, AI-supported learning, and smarter decision-making over time.
Founded in 2014.
Series A ($1M)
Food & Supply Chain. Solution that combines food production, manufacturing, and distribution to build an integrated food ecosystem
VestedWorldChandaria Capital
Fast Growing Startups
Founded in 2016
Serie B ($21 million)
FMCG. Digital retail and last-mile distribution platform for pharmaceuticals and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) with a specific product focus on women’s healthcare needs and household items. Series B in 2023.
Knife CapitalDFCFinnfundBamboo CapitalFive35 Ventures