Kara TV – Behind the VC

Kara TV – Behind the VC

Who are the faces behind Kara Ventures? What drives us? Why Africa? Dive deep into our backstory, our motivations, and our vision for the African entrepreneurial landscape.

Dive into the world of Kara Ventures.

What's our vibe? Why Africa? It’s Réna and Jérémy, breaking it down for you in 30 minutes.

Unfiltered chats about our African ventures, startups we love, and the DNA of Kara. Plus, some good-humored anecdotes because it wouldn't be us without them.

From Nairobi to Abidjan, we've seen what Africa has to offer. Every new startup, every chat with an entrepreneur, adds to our story. With Kara Ventures, we're excited to be part of this journey, supporting the next big ideas on the continent.

Looking to back the next unicorn from Africa? Need a VC who knows the alleys of Accra as well as the boardrooms of Tunis? Kara Ventures is your in. Let’s shape the future, one startup at a time.

Jérémy's Favorite Conversations with African Entrepreneurs

Whenever Jérémy sets foot in a new African city, there's an unmistakable spark in his eyes. It's not just about the investment opportunities or the rising startups.

No, for Jérémy, it's about the PEOPLE and their stories. He's always believed that every entrepreneur in Africa carries a unique narrative, a tale of struggle, ambition, and innovation that often goes untold.

This belief morphed into a hobby. Outside the busy world of Angel Investing, he's often found with a microphone in hand, deep in conversation with local entrepreneurs.

These interviews aren't just for business; they're his way of preserving, cherishing, and sharing the spirit of African entrepreneurship.

🎙️ Interview with Greg, CEO of AfricaWorks

🎙️ Interview with Paul, CEO of Workpay

🎙️ Interview with Meghan, CEO of Ozé

🎙️ Interview with Eche, founder of Afropolitan

After diving into these conversations, one has to wonder: "Is Jérémy better suited as a YouTuber or a Business Angel?" Either way, we're just glad he's not trying his hand at stand-up comedy! 😉