+200 Angel Investors in Africa and our tips to raise with Angels.

+200 Angel Investors in Africa and our tips to raise with Angels.

– by Jérémy Goillot (edited by Rena Kakon). Last updated: September 2023.

Raising with Angel Investors in Africa.

Raising a startup in Africa is unlike any other experience... It’s more complicated than anywhere with fragmented markets and barrier to access capital.

Have you thoughts of angel investors? Yess there are Angels in Africa!!

Keep in mind they just don’t only invest in "Africa" but in specific problems on the continent. Being an African Startup doesn’t have to be your only argument, sell them your vision. You can also build from Africa product for the rest of the world.

At Kara Ventures we built our investment thesis around angel investing, we are super angels investing with our community of tech angels in problems we are passionate about.

That's why we've curated this list of angel investors who are keen on solving real issues in Africa.

Active Angels in Africa List by Kara Ventures.

Updated 6 September, 2023 – Our most list of Angels who are actively investing in African Startups. Why not yours? 💪 ⚠️ Keep in mind that those people are not Linked or Investor or Kara Ventures. And don’t forget, if you are raising money, want to get feedback about your idea, email us → team@kara.ventures
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Angels are Your Champions.

Angel investors in Africa are not just financiers. Turn them into your champions. They can help you navigate the complexities of setting up a startup on the continent. With 9 successful investments already made, Kara Ventures is a testament to this approach. We’r not just financiers but partners who help you navigate the complexities of setting up a startup in Africa.

Zoom on 5 Passionate Angels.

Here are 5 angel investors in Africa that should be on your radar:


Jérémy Goillot

Former VP Growth and one of the first employees at Spendesk, a fintech unicorn in the B2B payment space, Jérémy Goillot decided in 2020 to start investing in Africa. After traveling around the continent for two years, he identified 93 problems that tech startups could solve, ranging from fintech to transport. He co-founded Kara Ventures with Réna Kakon to invest between $25,000 and $100,000 in ambitious African startups. Connect with Jérémy on LinkedIn.

Sectors: Fintech, Data, Productivity. Stage: seed & series A.


Réna Kakon

Raised in Morocco, Réna Kakon is a VC lawyer with experience in France and the US. She was the first legal hire at the fast-growing solar company Fenix (Engie) in Uganda. After +3 years at a tech law firm (Orrick), she became an expert in helping African startups incorporate and raise funds from the US (#YC flip). In 2020, she co-founded Kara Ventures with Jérémy Goillot. Connect with Réna on LinkedIn.

Sectors: Climate, Education, Health, Logistics, Food & Agriculture. Stage: pre-seed & seed.


Axel Peyrere

CEO & Co-Founder at AUTO24.africa and an investor in over 50 startups, Axel Peyrere is based between Dubai and Abidjan. He has built a successful startup in the automobile space while also taking significant risks in early-stage investments.

Sector: Agnostic. Stage: pre-seed & seed.


Richard Aseme

Based in London, Richard Aseme is a Film Executive & Tech Investor and the current VP of International Marketing EMEA at Paramount. He has a massive portfolio in African fintech startups, including Axis Pay, Capi Money, Elevate Pay, Octo Pay, Shara, Traction Apps, Waza, and more.

Sector: Fintech. Stage: pre-seed & seed.


Caleb Maru

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Caleb Maru is a Managing Partner at Proximity Ventures, an early-stage fund. He is also a scout for global funds looking to invest in Africa. With a keen eye for innovation and a deep understanding of the African tech ecosystem, he has become a go-to authority on tech investments on the continent. Make sure to subscribe to his bi-weekly newsletter Tech Safari.

Sector: Agnostic. Stage: pre-seed & seed.

Tips to Reach out to Angel Investors.

Although it may seem daunting, approaching angel investors in Africa can be a game-changer for your startup. Many are passionate about contributing to African small businesses and are willing to take risks and invest in ideas with potential. However, before you seek out an investor, it's essential to be well-prepared. Make sure you have a clear and concise pitch, clear objectives, and a business plan that highlights your vision and scalability.

Here are some tips to best approach an angel investor in Africa:

  1. Standout!! Do the Work Before Reaching out with a Clear Ask.

Before you even think of reaching out, make sure you've done your homework on potential investors. Understand their investment focus, values, and past portfolio companies to align your pitch accordingly. LinkedIn serves as a valuable resource for this – you can even compile lists of potential investors. Read everything about them and write a thoughtful email that make you standout. You can also reach out directly on LinkedIn.

  1. Sales Mindset!! Be Methodical about Your Investors Outreach.

Before initiating contact, it's wise to have a CRM system in place to manage all investor information. To be honest, a spreadsheet can be enough, but keep track to who you speak with! Be methodical, it is the key to success and keep the momentum going.

  1. Story Telling!! Craft a Compelling Pitch.

Your pitch should be both clear and impactful. Open with a statement that immediately addresses the problem your startup solves. Emphasize what sets you apart from the competition.

  1. Hustle!! Leverage Your Network for Introductions.

The angel investing community in Africa is more interconnected than you might think. Utilize your network to seek introductions to potential investors. A warm introduction can make a significant difference in getting your pitch heard. In fact, 83% of the deals where Kara Ventures participated came through recommendations from other investors. When we travel we ask each person we meet to introduce us to 3 people, do the same and hustle your way through!!

  1. No BS!! Be Genuine and Transparent.

It's crucial to be both confident and open in your interactions with potential investors. They're not just investing in your business idea but also in you as an entrepreneur. You are building a long and trusting relationship so be genuine and transparent, no one likes BS.

  1. Be Professional!! Master the Art of the Follow-Up.

Investors have busy schedules and numerous commitments. A strategically timed and well-crafted follow-up message could be the factor that tips the scales in your favor. Make it a habit and a way for your to keep the momentum going!! You want to be seen, heard, and remembered.

Final Thoughts.

Navigating the funding landscape for your startup in Africa can be a complex endeavor, but the rise of super hands on angel investors, such as Kara Ventures, is broadening the possibilities for entrepreneurial success on the continent.

Angels bring more than just financial support; they offer invaluable expertise, mentorship, and operational guidance to help startups gain momentum and forge meaningful industry connections. They are your champions, so engage with them!

With the insights and tips we've provided in this article, along with a focus on the highlighted angel investors, we hope that you’ll be thoughtful in your angel investors outreach and in the way you manage your financing.

Best of luck to all startup founders on this exciting journey! If questions, email us team@kara.ventures.

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